Objectives and Key Results are favoured by the likes of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more progressive organisations 

as a critical practice to creating radical focus.


When applied with the right support, OKRs have an incredible impact which empowers staff and creates incredible customer outcomes. Getting them right on the other hand is challenging:

  • Having OKRs framed as outputs or commitments, rather than outcomes for impact

  • Teams at all levels struggle to embed OKRs in their operating rhythm

  • Difficulty aligning OKRs across the business, resulting in conflicting priorities

The SKILLFIRE OKR Enablement approach creates a change movement from within which creates a painless transition through active training and coaching, supported by a comprehensive set of practices, processes and tools.

Our experience has shown us that there are 3 significant benefits observed

when introducing the OKR Framework:

Exhibit C: SKILLFIRE OKR Cheat Sheet





We follow a structured approach to embedding OKRs, in a sustainable and codesigned manner.

Our approach to co-design follows a structured ‘Lean Change Management’ format bringing in your most passionate staff to lead the change as OKR Champions.


Following Lean Change practices we establish a regular forum for the OKR Champions to take a lead role and be accountable for the implementation of the changes.


The activities outlined below are tied to discrete outcomes, with regular checkpoints throughout the activity, and a clear checkpoint at the end of the activity seeking approval to move onto the next activity. 



Alignment on What's Most Important

Create serious momentum with cross-functional teams aligning vertically on organisational priorities and collaborating to align laterally with other teams.


Employee Engagement Uplift 

Teams have increased autonomy and outcome-based goal clarity, which study after study indicates drives improvements in engagement and productivity.


Capability Uplift to Generate Powerful Business Outcomes and Innovation

Moving the focus from output to outcomes, teams to create significant growth in the business in a high customer-centric, innovative and adaptable manner.


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