We help businesses focus on creating incredible customer outcomes by uplifting their leadership capability and aligning their people on what’s most important. Change isn't magic, we create a transformative movement from within to increase happiness, effectiveness and success.


Borrowing from the greatest minds in psychology, the best of Silicon Valley and the latest strategic thinking, we will get you to where you need to go.

Our mission is to enable everyone to live productive and healthy lives, including employees, consumers and people in need around the world.


We're here to make a dent in the universe, so all of our people stand for the following values:

1. Embody the entrepreneur 


We live in a VUCA world, so we need to be entrepreneurial in everything we do. It's not enough to be bold, we must move fast, challenge anything which fails to create value and be 100% focused on the customer.

2. Be ridiculously impact-focused


Our time with clients and on this earth is limited, so we use our time wisely to make a dint. In everything we do, we must brutally prioritise to have maximum impact. Create movements to drive the outcomes we need - we'll never get there on our own. 

3. Create simplicity and transparency

No one likes a smart ass. We like Einstein, he was an idea man and puts this idea ever so simply: "Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But Not Simpler". We are simple and transparent about our intent and actions. This way, you know we're doing what's right in the right way.


4. Excellence through improvement and self-critique


In this new world, only those who adapt will survive. Self-reflection, critique and improvement is paramount to our people being successful. We supercharge this by being big on feedback - so be ready to give and receive it.

5. Help the client be incredible

Without our clients, we cease to exist. We do everything within our power to create incredible customer outcomes. Our people have the freedom to invest what's right to solve challenges and offer services which will maximise customer success.


SKILLFIRE started as a disrupter to recruitment in 2015. Very quickly, we uncovered that our clients wanted us to help them do great things, rather than just find great people.


With this insight, we quickly pivoted to a Leadership Uplift and Alignment firm which helps clients harness Strategic Agility create a cohesive leadership team, an aligned organisation and embed innovation as a core cultural habit.


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